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Dr Mick O'Donnell,
Computational Linguist

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Research Interests

Text Generation (Composing text from underlying databases).
Sentence Generation (Generation of individual sentences).
Sentence Analysis (Analysis of individual sentences using sSystemic formalism).
Knowledge Representation (representation of conceptual and linguistic data).
Linguistic Coding Tools: Tools for marking up text structure or features (see below).
Interaction Structure: modelling the structure of human interaction, including exchange (conversation) structure, task (generic) structure. Including both verbal and nonverbal behaviour. Dynamic modelling of interaction.
Systemic Formalism: using the Systemic formalism to model all information (language, behaviour, knowledge, etc.). Notion of strata, inter-stratal mapping. Systemics as a knowledge-representation language.


ILEX (Intelligent Label Explorer) (with Chris Mellish, Jon Oberlander and Alistair Knott) seeks to automatically generate labels for items in an electronic catalogue (or museum gallery) in such a way as to reflect the interest of the user and also opportunistically to further certain educational (or other) aims. This project is in collaboration with the National Museums of Scotland, Interactive Information and VIS Interactive Media. For more information on this project (papers, etc.), and to access our prototype system, click here.
HIPS (Hypernavigation in Physical Space) (European Consortium, with Chris Mellish, Jon Oberlander and Marc Moens) Developing handheld devices to deliver dynamically adapted presentations as the visitor walks through an exhibition space. For more information on this project (papers, etc.), click here.
M-Piro (Multilingual Personalised Information Objects) (European Consortium) Project to deliver a multilingual version of ILEX-type system. I worked on the project in the first year, to extend ILEX's multilingual capabilities.
AcaMed I was contracted by Language & Computing nv. to manage a team of researchers developing natural language understanding capabilities for texts in the medical domain. This is mainly funded under a Flemish Government Research Grant for the ACAMED-project. ACAMED is a generic tool for automatic ICD-code extraction from medical free texts.


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