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1. Introduction

WAG is a working environment for computational applications using Systemic grammars. At one level it is a Knowledge Representation System (KRS) allowing the user to represent linguistic and conceptual information. At another level, the system offers sentence generation from a semantic level of specification. For more information regarding the semantic specification language, see O'Donnell 1996.

WAG used to include a parser for Systemic grammars, but this facility is no longer supported. WAG is currently in use within the ILEX system, supporting both knowledge representation and sentence generation within Ilex's text generation processes.

WAG is written in common lisp, and is tested for several versions: CMUCL, Allegro, Lucid, MCL.

WAG allows the graphical display of systemic networks and structures.

It includes a morphological generator working from a declarative morphology.

Platform: Unix/Linux (Allegro CL, Lucid CL, CMUCL); Macintosh (MCL); PC (Allegro CL).
For More Information: email micko@wagsoft.com


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